Weather warning for weekend

Met Eireann issues weather warnings.
Numerous councils issue flood alerts.
Latest data intensifies storm depression.

Storm Force Wind, Heavy Rain, Snow, Flooding, Travel. Commuter & Power disruption possible.
Coastal areas of Munster/Connacht and West Ulster will see storm surges between 10m and 14m with gusts in excess of 130kmh according to latest data with heavy rainfall, sleet and brief snowfalls expect localised flooding nationwide.

Areas of Leinster & East Ulster will see winds gust to 100kmh with heavy rainfall and temporary wintry outbreaks so again expect localised flooding.

The public should be aware that coastal breaches will not be confined to Atlantic coasts with a risk of breaches in lowland areas of the eastern seaboard.

Due to very high water tables and high river systems combined with tidal forces homeowners and businesses should monitor rivers etc during the next 72hrs.

Wicklow Weather stated we would also advise commuters and hill walkers to take great care over the coming 3 days. Spot flooding could cause delays to traffic and reduce visibility and with a threat of wintry outbreaks and storm force winds we advise people to stay away from mountains and obviously steer clear of all coastlines.

We have decided not to rate this storm (EG: Moderate, Severe etc) system until tomorrow as we will have a better handle on the fine details as we could see further upgrades and downgrades on both storm intensity and track

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