‘Gays can be cured’ says Pope’s new cardinal

85-year-old Fernando Sebastián will take up office as Spain's newest cardinal in the Vatican in February. Screengrab: YouTube

Spain’s newest cardinal has called homosexuality a physical “defect” that can be cured, it has been reported.

“Homosexuality is a defective manner of expressing sexuality, because this [sex] has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation,” Fernando Sebastián told a Spanish daily newspaper.

“A homosexual who can’t achieve this [procreation] is failing.

“Our bodies have many defects. I have high blood pressure,” the 85-year -old said.

“It’s a defect that I have to try and correct in whatever way I can… To say that homosexuality is a defect is not an insult: it helps because in many cases of homosexuality it is possible to recover and become normal with the right treatment.”

The comments from Spain’s new cardinal come after Pope Francis publicly expressed compassion for homosexuals in July 2013. “If they accept the Lord and have good will, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized,” the Pope said.

Sebastián said his own stance did not contradict that of the Pope: “It’s one thing to be compassionate towards a homosexual person and another thing to morally justify the practice of that homosexuality,” he said.

“You can tell a person what their weakness is but that doesn’t justify [a decision] to respect them and help them. I think that’s the Pope’s position as with gay marriage and divorce,” he added.

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