Accident blackspot needs immediate attention: Brady

Last week a car went into a complete spin on the roundabout, Brady says.

Councillor John Brady has said immediate action is needed to address the dangerous road surface at the Kilcroney roundabout in Bray.

According to Brady the surface is so poor that motorists are losing traction when they enter the roundabout, sending them into a skid.

Brady said he was first made aware of the problem after he was contacted by a motorist whose car went into a spin while on the roundabout.

Since then Brady has heard at least ten reports of other motorists who have experienced the same thing at the same location over the past six months.

“The latest incident that I was made aware of happened last week when a car with two people inside went into a complete spin on the roundabout,” Brady said. “One of the occupants in the car was pregnant and they were convinced the car was going to completely flip over.

“The car was not travelling at any great speed and the tyres on the vehicle were only recently replaced,” Brady said.

Maintenance of the N11 and the slip roads, including roundabouts, has been privatised and a company named GSJ Maintenance Ltd hold the contract.

Brady has raised the issue with GSJ and has suggested a special non-slip surface be installed.

Brady also raised the issue at a local council meeting and said he was surprised to find out that one of the officials present had recently encountered the same problem at the roundabout.

“I believe the problem to be more extensive and that many motorists haven’t reported incidents that may have happened to them. I urge them to either contact myself or the council so a true picture on the scale of the problem can be complied and pressure put on GSJ Maintenance to take action to address the problem,” Brady said.

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