Donnelly calls for mortgage protest tomorrow

Stephen Donnelly, Independent Candidate for Wicklow and East Carlow has urged Irish Nationwide mortgage holders, whose loans are soon to be sold as part of the liquidation of IBRC to come to the Dáil on Wednesday afternoon.

Donnely reckons there are 400 families in Wicklow with INBS mortgages and he has urged them to take part in a peaceful protest at 1pm tomorrow.

“This is just before the special liquidators and hopefully, also Minister Noonan, come before the Finance Committee to answer questions on how these loans are to be sold, and to whom. The protest is being directly organised by mortgage holders whose loans are for sale,” Donnelly said.

“There are probably around 400 families in Wicklow with INBS mortgages. The Government isn’t listening to sensible suggestions about letting these people bid on their own mortgages. It’s only listening to the liquidators in KPMG, and advice the liquidators sought from PWC. Anyone concerned about how this government is deciding the fate of 13,000 families – in secret and through consultants – should turn up and make their voices heard.”

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