Footbridge to be replaced at Bray DART station

A new footbridge is to be constructed at Bray DART more than two years after the previous bridge was taken down for safety reasons.

The original footbridge was taken down at the end of 2011 when it fell into disrepair and the issue has remained unresolved since that time.

The National Transport Authority confirmed that a new pedestrian bridge will be built at the level crossing near the Bray DART and bus station later this year.

Once the new footbridge is built, locals accessing the seafront will no longer have to wait for the gates at the level crossing to open.

“This is a very welcomed action on behalf of National Transport Authority,” Wicklow TD Andrew Doyle said. “I had previously looked for dates and projections of works and time frames when a new bridge would be constructed to help the pedestrians access the transport facilities in Bray.”

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