Guinness World Record for Cliff Walk ribbon challenge

The Caroline Foundation in Partnership with Bray Cancer Support Centre and Greystones Cancer Support need your help for an exciting World Record challenge. 

On Sunday, May 11, The Caroline Foundation propose to have a five-mile ribbon chain run the entire length of Bray seafront to Greystones, connecting the two towns via the Cliff Walk.

The ribbon chain will be created by sewing 39,000 bands of ten-inch ribbon lengths together – a task that is already well underway.

A system is being set up to involve groups of Greystones and Bray residents, along with Cancer Clinical Research Trust families and friends. These groups will have responsibility for bringing 40 people to line the route.

Each group will be allocated responsibility for holding the ribbon along a certain section of the trail.

It is envisaged that about 4,000 people will line the route holding the ribbon. Each ribbon-holder will be asked to donate a minimum of €10.

Only those who have registered for the event will be allowed to line the route and only adults will be allowed on the cliff section.

Group leaders must ensure that each member of his/her team make their donation online through by clicking on the following link


Complete lists of participants from each group should be sent to Helen O’Sullivan-Dwyer [email protected]  or call Helen on 0876755751


For more information see the following:


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