Message from the Arklow Dyslexia Workshop

At the beginning of this school year our coordinator and staff resigned and I would like to thank them on behalf of past pupils for their many years of service .

The help they have given children over the years has been fantastic and we appreciate greatly all the work they put in. We now have a totally new look workshop and our staff have doubled in numbers and are hugely qualified aiding children with dyslexia .

The Arklow Dyslexia Workshop Provides specialised tutoring to children ( diagnosed with dyslexia) of all ages for two hours on Wednesday afternoon at Arklow Community College. We as a workshop are upgrading our service and thanks to an ongoing once off appeal to the local business we are providing new materials to enhance our service.

Thus far the following business and organisation have donated to our appeal and we would like to thank them publicly for their donations: Arklow Town Council, Cooke and Kinsella, Arklow Christian Community, Arkow Lions club, Willie Hudson, Easons and Bolands Hardware. There is a letter of appeal circulating to even more businesses over the next few weeks and all donations go directly to the purchase of materials and there is no funds unaccounted for.

Primary school children this year have access to four tutors who deal with various aspects of English  spelling, reading, comprehension and coordination, this year we have commenced a class for secondary pupils, started with one member and this has now increased to five.

We are currently seeking to increase this number, as with 10 or more pupils we can provide a maths teacher as project maths proves particularly difficult for children with dyslexia.

It will also mean we provide a service for the senior cycle as we already have the junior cycle in place. If you as a parent have any questions about your child and them possibly being dyslexic please find out more by contacting your school or D.A.I. Ireland  or the local number is 0879010169.

All the above will be only too happy to help we would like to conclude with a huge thank to local business assistance as we have letters just out to Pettits , Elavon and Servier to name just a few. With local help we have upgraded our service and are in a position to offer our service at a discounted rate. Our final thanks is to the staff for all their hard work and the difference their help makes to the children in the workshop.

Arklow Dyslexia 1

                                                                                                                              How a 3rd class pupil described “The happiest day of her life”

I was in 3rd class and finding the work very hard especially Irish. Mum asked the teacher if she thought there was something wrong as I was taking hours to do my homework.  The teacher told her I was slow and got distracted easily, so my mum took me out of that school.

When I started in my new school my teacher Ms Byrne suggested I might be dyslexic and that I needed to be assessed and that was the first thing my mum did.

I was so happy when I heard I was dyslexic because I wouldn’t have to do Irish anymore but what upset mum the most was when I said ‘Thank God, I’m not stupid’ because she thought I was bringing myself down.

So, if any of your children are dyslexic just tell them, because we don’t take it as badly as you parents do, I know you’re all like OMG! my child has dyslexia, what am I going to do ?

But don’t worry, there’s lots of help out there.

I attend the Dyslexia Workshop in Arklow and my English has gone up two grades and I’m so happy.

                                                                                                                                                           “My daughter and dyslexia”

Holly was diagnosed with dyslexia on her 9th birthday. I was devastated, what did this mean and how would it affect her future ?

 A friend put me in touch with the Arklow Dyslexia Workshop. They were brilliant.  They explained the psychological assessment to me, what help I could give her and what accommodations she could get in state exams.

 Holly attended the workshop for the rest of junior school and finally started flourishing.

 There was no senior level in the workshop when Holly started secondary school.

 By the end of 1st year I noticed her grades had fallen from Christmas term to Summer term, so when Maeve told me the workshop was starting a senior level I immediately enrolled Holly for it.

I’m so glad I did, her grades in 2nd year are better than they were in 1st year.

English is now her favourite subject, thanks to her English teacher at school and her Dyslexia Workshop tutor.

 I look back 5 years and see how different things are, I have a bright, intelligent, funny daughter who thinks ‘outside the box’ just like some other dyslexics, Einstein, Picasso, Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Agatha Christie to name a few and they did ok !

 She has gained confidence from being with other dyslexic kids knowing she is not alone and finding learning methods best suited to her.

 I highly recommend, the Arklow Dyslexia Workshop.

“How the Arklow Dyslexia Workshop, helped me”

My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia just after her ninth birthday.  I was aware that her reading and spelling ability were considerably below the standard for her age but this did not tally with her above average ability at maths.  Her teacher, Mrs. Cooke, in St. Joseph’s National School, Templerainey, set me on the road to having her diagnosed.   Shortly after her diagnosis she began attending the Arklow Dyslexia Workshop and receiving extra help in school.   She is a bright, articulate child who takes dyslexia in her stride.  She has made many new friends at the workshop and has never missed  a class there since she began.  Her ability at reading and spelling have improved enormously due to the innovative teaching methods employed by both the workshop tutors  and her school teachers.  The Arklow Dyslexia Workshop is a wonderful place for children to meet and discuss their feelings as well as exploring different learning styles.  Dyslexic children are frequently excellent at maths, however, the new Project Maths syllabus for second level is not user friendly for this group of children.  I sincerely hope that the workshop will be in a position to employ a second level maths teacher in the near future.  The Arklow Dyslexia Workshop owes it’s success to the innovative tutors, it’s committed chairman Maeve, it’s hard working committee,  it’s supportive parents and it’s wonderful  children.   



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