Donnelly and Whitmore stress need for new school in Greystones

Stephen Donnelly

Stephen Donnelly and local election candidate Jennifer Whitmore.

Wicklow TD Stephen Donnelly and Independent election candidate Jennifer Whitmore have released further data illustrating the need for a new school in the Charlesland area.

According to their data, the primary school system in the area is already over-burdened due to an increase in school-going age children, and that this will continue to put strain on the school system up to 2022 and beyond.

“This data shows that demand for a new primary School to serve Greystones, Kilcoole and Delgany will continue to grow over the coming years,” Donnelly said. “After numerous interactions with the Minister’s office and Department of Education officials, they have agreed to prioritise the analysis of the area and to examine the case for a new school.

“It is our view that a new school is inevitable, based on the growing population, and so it should be built as soon as possible, so as not to damaging the existing primary schools by asking them to take too many children. The new school should serve the populations of Charlesland and Eden Gate, which do not currently have sufficient provision.”

According to figures produced by Deputy Donnelly’s team, the number of school-going age children in the Greystones and Delgany area is projected to increase by 36% between 2012 and 2021.

Moreover, the area is expected to achieve total population growth of 30% or more between 2011 and 2021.

The below graphic shows the distribution of school-going age households (red dots) and schools (green dots).

The image clearly shows a high density area of school-going households in Charlesland and that this is the only high density population centre in the area without a school.

“Last year the Department of Education supplied additional resources to several local schools that were good enough to agree to expand their junior infant intake,” Whitmore said.

“This is a short-term solution. It’s clear that we need some longer term planning.”


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