McLoughlin welcomes Community Grants Scheme

Cllr Gráinne Mc Loughlin welcomed the opening of the Wicklow County Council Community Grants Scheme.  As part of their commitment to supporting local community development, Wicklow County Council operates an annual Community Award Scheme.

The fund for 2014 will be available as grant aid to successful community groups and local organisations across the county wishing to undertake community projects in their area. All groups must be signed up to the Governance Code prior to receiving funding.

“As a supporter of the new Governance Code, I welcome that Wicklow County Council are implementing this policy”, Gráinne commented.  “However, community groups will not have the opportunity to avail of training in the Code until the 24th April and the deadline for funding is the 24th April!

“This is a ridiculous situation and will confuse alot of groups.  I will be hosting an information evening myself in early April and groups can contact me on my website or by e mail on [email protected]com to get more details.

“I look forward to helping organisations in the Greystones, Kilcoole and Newcastle areas to sign up. Although I am disappointed that the training is coming too late, I am happy to offer the support in the meantime. This is a very positive step forward for good governance in Wicklow and although initially for many organisations it might pose a difficulty, the process is relatively straightforward & I am happy to help” concluded Gráinne

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