Replace County Manager with a mayor, says Grant

The position of County Manager should be replaced with a directly elected mayor, Councillor David Grant has said.

Over the next week, councils in Dublin will decide if a public vote should be taken to decide on whether to have a Mayor for Dublin.

Grant wants to see this option given to other counties outside the Dublin area.

“Unfortunately this option is not being put to citizens in any other county,” Cllr Grant said.  “I believe that all counties should have the right to determine if they want a directly elected mayor as head of their local council.

“But what is most important is that the role of the County Mayor should be defined and set in legislation that gives the elected representative final say on local matters and not the County Manager.”

Fianna Fáil has proposed that directly elected mayors should be the Chief Executive Officers of their respective councils, giving the public a greater say in who runs local affairs and making that person accountable to those who elect them.

“The untouchable position that County Managers have is simply wrong in local democracy,” Cllr Grant said. “County Managers have become more powerful with the damage that this government is doing to local government.

“Elected representatives should be the ones that make decisions and are responsible for them.  County Managers should act in the role of a General Secretary to support the public representative at the head of the administration.”

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