Fitzgerald shocked at HSE figures

Councillor Pat Fitzgerald has described as shocking the number of children with special needs across Wicklow waiting for a basic initial assessment from a HSE speech and language therapist.

In fact, Cllr Fitzgerald stated that there no early intervention teams in Wicklow.

Cllr Fitzgerald stated that there are 781 young people awaiting an initial assessment in Wicklow, with 366 on a waiting list for 0-4 months, 265  on the list for 4-8 months, 111 on the list for 8-12 months, 25 waiting 12-18 months and 24 waiting 18-24 months.

In total, there are 1159 young people waiting for some form of assessment from the HSE, with 162 on the list for 18-24 months.

He went to say that he is aware of many young people awaiting an assessment but due to a lack of commitment by the HSE and funding the prospects of early intervention are not good.

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