IHWT come to aid of horse in distress

Rath 2
 The Irish Horse Welfare Trust received a call on Wednesday evening relating to a mare in distress in Rathdrum.
 She had been tethered next to a small stream and had fallen in. It is believed she was in the stream for a couple of hours before being pulled out.
 When the welfare officer arrived at the site, the mare was down and her prospects did not look good. She was weak, in shock and also had a serious leg injury.
  Fortunately with the support of local Gardai and vet assistance, the group managed to get her to her feet.
 She was transported to the IHWT equine centre, where she will receive further veterinary care.
The IHWT would like to thank the Gardai and the vet for all their help and also to all the local people who brought down blankets, hay and water for the mare, and offered cups of hot tea to our welfare officer.
Hopefully the mare will make a full recovery.

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