Kavanagh: Supporting frontline healthcare and community services

Councillor Pat Kavanagh has come out strongly in opposition to Minister James Reilly’s proposals for Universal Health Care.

“This is just another form of taxation, and will be taken out of people’s income, whether they like it or not. It will not improve the frontline services, but instead will be syphoned off to pay excessive salaries, bonuses, expenses and pensions at the top levels,” Cllr Kavanagh said.

Cllr Kavanagh is also calling for the protection of jobs for frontline staff in Community Development Programmes throughout the country, which are under threat of privatisation once the administration for these jobs comes under the control of the Co Councils. She said ‘We have seen far too much privatisation of frontline public services which has resulted in contracts being awarded to outside companies, who bring in cheap labour, displacing local jobs and years of experience and hard work. We cannot link necessary community services with profiteering’.

Cllr Kavanagh has been to the forefront of many campaigns to protect health services in Co Wicklow, including the campaign to Save Wicklow Hospital from closure, the campaign to Save Loughlinstown A&E and the campaign to protect the pay and conditions of frontline Carers and Home Helps at Wicklow Community Services.

Mary Stephenson, Wicklow Carer said “ Cllr Pat Kavanagh  has stood with the Carers of Wicklow Community Services and helped us whenever it was possible to do so. She has walked beside us all the way. and her advise has always been sound and strong, How could we in this county go wrong with an elected representative such as Pat Kavanagh?”


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