New information sheet for Baltinglass & District

The first issue of ‘BALTINGLASS & DISTRICT NEWS’ is out now!  What is this?  Where do you get your hands on it?  How much does it cost?


The answers are: it’s an information sheet; it will be widely available; it’s free.  You can read it now here:


This first issue introduces what will be two regular features – one on a local organisation and one on a local business.  It also contains DATES FOR YOUR DIARY, listing significant events over the next several months in Baltinglass & District or within the immediate area.  It’s worth holding on to for that alone.  The first two dates are over the coming bank holiday weekend.


The Communications Work Group of Baltinglass & District Forum (the team behind this Facebook page, is responsible for ‘BALTINGLASS & DISTRICT NEWS’.  For now it’s intended to produce it four times a year and the format is a simple A4 unfolded.  The paper version will be distributed within the town of Baltinglass this week, while copies will be left in strategic locations in Baltinglass, Grangecon and Stratford, and with a key person in Bigstone.  Contact details for Baltinglass & District Forum will be found on Page 1.


The Communications WG would like to thank the Social WG of B&DF for its co-operation and advice on this venture.  It produced of the Baltinglass & District Forum Newsletter in the past.

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