O’Brien is elected new ISRS President

President of the Irish Soccer Referees Society Paul O’Brien

Local election labour candidate Paul O’Brien, chairman of the Wicklow branch of the ISRS has just been elected the youngest President of the Irish Soccer Referees Society at 36 years of age.

The vote took place in the Louis Fitzgerald hotel on Wednesday the 9th of April; O’Brien will assume the office of President at the next national council meeting which shall be held in Donegal in September.

“I am deeply honoured that so many of my colleagues from around the Country thought I was the best man for the job and elected me their President. I now begin my work to ensure a smooth transition and to work for the betterment of refereeing in Ireland. I look forward to working in partnership with the FAI and with all the other bodies around the Country.

When I become President in September I plan to visit as many branches of the ISRS as I can for I want the local branches to have a say in how their society should be run during my presidency.

I am going to focus on recruitment, training and retainment, for I believe that the best referees in the Country are members of the ISRS, for they attend regular branch meetings where they receive the best training there is. I would like to extend an invitation to all non society referees in the Country to join society; I can assure them that they will receive excellent training, guidance and above all protection. They would become part of what I see as the “refereeing family”.

I want to also pay tribute to our current president, Bernard Foy. Bernard joined the national council in 1978, the same year I was born. He has been a dedicated hardworking member of the executive, first in the role as Vice President and for the past six years as President. I know Bernard will assist me in every way possible over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition.
Last but not least I want to thank the members of my own branch. The members in Wicklow have been a tower of strength for me, through the good and bad times. I hope I can make them proud of me as I take on my new role as the national President of our society”.

“I am hoping the people of East Wicklow give me the same opportunity to be of service & vote for me on the 23rd of May.”

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