Wanderers to rename stadium

By William O’Toole

Bray Wanderers have announced that they will be looking to find a stadium sponsor for the Carlisle Grounds as part of their plans to make the club community-owned.

The club announced on Friday night that the majority of shareholders had agreed to the plan and would be transferring ownership of the club to the public.

As part of the plan, a new company, Bray Wanderers Community Football Club, has been established.

This company will be responsible for paying down the club’s debt, raising funds for the team and financing projects to develop facilities for the community at the Carlisle Grounds.

The club plans to build a gym, meeting rooms and all-weather training pitch at the stadium. It is hoped that these new facilities will help draw more people from the community into the club.

The board of the new company will consist of an official from Bray Town Council, an elected representative, members of the Wicklow league, the Bray Wanderers Supporters Club, members from other local clubs and sporting organisations as well as local businessmen.

Club president, Paul Hannigan, believes that this new model can secure the club’s future for generations to come.

“The old way of running the football club wasn’t working. A new business model was needed – and we believe this is it,” he said.

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