Water shortages update from Council

Water production at the Vartry water treatment works at Roundwood has reduced due to seasonal impacts of algae in the source water. Irish Water and Wicklow County Council are working together to restore supply.

The algae occur naturally in clean fresh waters and though it does not pose a health risk, it slows the treatment processes at the production plant.

As a result, the water supplies to northeast Co. Wicklow are badly affected including the reservoir serving Enniskerry.

As a result, the following areas in the Enniskerry area are without water: – Kilmolin, Kilgarron, Parknasilogue, Eagle Valley, Enniskerry Village, Knocksink, Ballyman Road, Monastery Area, Eagle Valley, R117 Road, and Millfield.

Tankers will be in place at The Bog Meadow in Enniskerry village and Kilgarron housing estate, Enniskerry.

In order to conserve water in the Greystones area, the supplies from the Drummin, Delgany reservoir will be shut off each night from 8 pm to 6:30 am. The areas affected are – Greystones, Windgates, Delgany and Killincarrig

Tankers are also in place at the following areas:

Wingfield Farm, Glencormack, on road no. L1019 (Glencormack to Tinnahinch road).
Bellevue Hill / Kindlestown Rise, Delgany.
Tinnapark, Kilpedder – will be in place later on Monday 28th
Timmore Lane (south of Newtown) – will be in place later on Monday 28th
The Vartry scheme was built in 1870 and problems with supply have been ongoing for a number of years.

Irish Water, in taking over responsibility for water services on the 1st of January, identified this scheme as a very high risk scheme which requires major investment. Irish Water is accelerating a study to develop a modern treatment plant for this supply which will take a number of years to put in place.

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