Young Wicklow girl goes on trip of a lifetime

By William O’Toole

A young Blessington girl went on a trip of a lifetime last week when she visited Legoland, thanks to the Share A Dream foundation.

Five-year-old Chloe Gallagher suffers from a huge amount of medical complications which include an absent digit, a leg length discrepancy at 3 and a half cm and her right foot is larger than her left one, which will require surgery.

She also has a skin condition called lchthyosis erythroderma, CHILD Syndrome and postural scoliosis. Chloe also can’t eat and relies on medical drinks.

Chloe had two dreams: the first was for her mum to buy her a new finger and the second was to visit Legoland. So last Monday, her Mum Alison contacted the Share A Dream Foundation, the children’s charity that makes dreams a reality for sick and disabled children in Ireland.

Thanks to the charity, Chloe, her mum Alison, sister Ruby and granny Catherine got VIP passes to the theme park. They also stayed in a hotel in Windsor.

Chloe’s mum Alison said: “It was a dream come true for Chloe who really enjoyed the trip especially her VIP passes which meant she didn’t have to queue anywhere so she didn’t get tired and got to go on everything.”

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