Bank book from Wicklow found among illegally dumped rubbish in Donegal

The Irish Independent report a bank book with more than €800 has been found in illegally dumped rubbish in Donegal.

Volunteers from Letterkenny Tidy Towns committee discovered the lodgement book in their town –  over 200 kilometres from where its owner lives.

The book shows an account balance of €873.

John Wilson told that he found the bank book, which belongs to non Irish national with an address in Co. Wicklow.

Mr Wilson said: “A volunteer asked me to go and see some illegally dumped materials and we found an AIB bank book for a junior saver account.”

“It was a foreign national name, and the address and the name is on the book. The account was opened in Portlaoise and the account is in Wicklow.”

“It’s amazing how it was found in Donegal – it brings about the question, how did a Wicklow bank book end up in Donegal?”

The volunteers are baffled as to how it turned up in illegally dumped rubbish in Letterkenny.

“We’ve reported it to the environmental section of the council and we’re going to meet with the AIB bank manager and give it to him.”

“Dumping rubbish is illegal and Letterkenny is a beauty spot. This is just a filthy act.”

“It’s going on since the downturn. The tidy towns committee is working day and night to clean up Letterkenny – it’s volunteerism at its best.”



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