Irish Independent reveals Councillors expenses for last two years

The Irish Independent has revealed the expenses of local Councillors around the country. The amount is for the years 2012 and 2013.


Vincent Blake (FG) 64,977

Sylvester Bourke (FG) 62,819

Pat Doran (FF) 61,755

Nicky Kelly (Ind) 60,163

Pat Fitzgerald (FF) 47,708


Tom Cullen (Ind) 55,989

Jim Ruttle (Ind) 52,187

Edward Timmins (FG) 51,804


Pat Vance (FF) 63,936

John Ryan (FG) 60,945

Christopher Fox (Ind) 59,026

Barry Nevin (Ind) 54,359

John Byrne (Lab) 48,847

John Brady (SF) 46,201

Mick Glynn (FG) 46,201


George Jones (FG) 76,439

Derek Mitchell (FG) 53,923

Tom Fortune (Ind) 45,151

Grainne McLoughlin (FG) 44,843


Pat Casey (FF) 86,216

Jimmy O’Shaughnessy (Ind) 77,501

Conal Kavanagh (Lab) 70,246

John Snell (SF) 47,538

Irene Winters (FG) 44,843







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