Break-in a bitter blow for Wicklow Animal Sanctuary

By: William O’Toole

Ash Animal Rescues Helena got a nasty shock yesterday afternoon after she returned to her jeep to find it had been broken into.

Helena, had been shopping in Lidl in Tullow, with her daughter. She was in the shop for about 40 minutes and returned to her jeep to find that the passenger side door had been forced open by thief’s.

Among the items stolen were a sat-nav, which she had stored in the glove compartment, and two bags of coins, which were donations to the shelter.

Gardai were called to the scene and the took her statement. However, when she asked to see CCTV footage, she was told that there was no surveillance of the car park, despite the fact that there are signs saying that CCTV is in operation.

The theft and damage to the jeep will come as a bitter blow to the sanctuary who recently had to take their only ambulance off the road because they hadn’t the funding to keep it on the road.

Speaking of the incident, a member of ASH said: “Losing the money, the sat nav and the damage to the jeep is a huge blow to ASH. We only recently sold our large ambulance as we could no longer afford to keep it on the road.

The jeep is our only vehicle, it has to transport animals to vets, collect animals in need of rescuing etc. Animals’ lives depend on it. Right now it can’t be used it and we don’t have money to repair it.”

They also went on to say that: “We really don’t see how this could have happened in a busy car park in the light of day and parked so close to the entrance of Lidl ! Surely someone had to have seen something.”



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