Second weekend of no water in Annacurra

Cllr. Pat Kennedy has called on Irish Water to provide weekend cover for the Wicklow area after the people of Annacurra were left without water for two weekends in a row.

Cllr. Kennedy said that Annacurra was left without water over both the June bank holiday weekend and the following weekend. When he contacted Irish Water about the problem he was told that nothing could be done until after the weekend as there was nobody available to rectify the situation.


Cllr. Kennedy said today “Irish Water confirmed to me over the weekend that there are 6 counties in the country without weekend cover with Wicklow being one of them.

It is not good enough that Irish Water do not provide weekend cover for some counties when they provide it for others. A substantial amount of the total property taxes collected in the county last year was given towards Irish Water and now they tell us that they cannot provide weekend cover in order to fix problems with water supply. This cannot continue to happen and only serves to highlight the upcoming issues with the setting up of Irish Water.”

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