The News Round

Here is a round-up of whats making the headlines at home and abroad this Thursday.

  • Super Gavin – The parents of Gavin Glynn have expressed their gratitude to the people of Ireland after the #myboy campaign raised the required €350,000 less than a week after it was launched.
  • Flooding – A European Commission report has warned that Ireland will bear the brunt of flooding in the future, unless climate change is tackled.
  • Dog poo – Local authorities in Dublin have spent €10,000 on a new campaign aimed at combating the problem of dog fouling in the capital.
  • Rampage – The Irish man who went on a rampage in Germany thought he was a character in a cartoon, his sister has said.
  • Up like a bird – Gardai say they are closing in on those who were responsible for crashing a drone like object full of drugs into Dublin’s Wheatfield prison.
  • Take off – Flights in Ireland are set to get back to normal today after a strike involving French air traffic controllers was called off last night.
  • Missing plane – Authorities in Australia are set to resume their search for missing Malaysian airliner MH370 after further analysis of satellite data.
  • World War 1 – 100 years on from the outbreak of ww1, Europen leaders are set to attend a commemoration ceremony to mark the outbreak of the war in Ypres, Belgium today.
  • Suarez – Luis Suarez is set to learn his fate today following on from bite-gate, but it has been reported that he could exploit a Fifa loophole and play for the remainder of the World cup.

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