Labour rep says Wicklow town is in decay

Paul O’Brien the Labour party representative for east Wicklow  has hit out saying the town is in decline as burglaries and anti social behavior rise.

In the early hours of this morning an elderly couple were left terrified after two men scaled the roof of their home in Castle street, gardai were called after the two men were reported checking cars n the area.

After arriving at Castle street gardai chased the men through gardens and eventually on to the roofs of houses, the fire service were called to assist the Gardai who arrested the men.

Paul O’Brien stated this morning the horror stories abounding around Wicklow town lately are appalling. Burglaries increasing & anti social behavior on the rise & the terrified residents of Castle street are taking the brunt of this.

Yet some people care more about a decaying monument in the middle of the town where accidents are a plenty. I for one opposed the original plans for Fitzwilliam square but the new plans look excellent. I have noticed though that if you support this project some people portray you as anti Wicklow!!

This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact those that support the project are pro-Wicklow as they want to preserve the monument for not just today’s citizens but for future generations. A crumbling wall, a locked gate & an accident hotspot is not preservation but just plain shortsightedness.

I applaud former Cllr Malcolm Earls, as just before the last election he voted in favour of the Fitzwilliam square project while others took the cowards way out & voted against it just so they had a better chance at being elected.

I would like to ask those existing & former councillors that oppose the Fitzwilliam square project but supported the Simon community project what type of town do you really want for Wicklow??

In July of 2013 one of these existing councillors stated the following when it came to the Warrens:

“That they were disappointed that some of the TD’s in Wicklow were opposed to the project & that they were causing a lot of damage with their stance”

Some people are also stating that councillors from outside the town are looking at the Fitzwilliam square project again & how dare they!! The fact is they have been elected to look after East Wicklow which includes the town. If the people from the town want more of a say in what happens in the Town, then we need more councillors representing the Town, 2 out of 6 councillors are not enough & that’s why I will stand again, for I for one hate seeing progress being blocked while anti social behavior is on the rise in our town & deemed acceptable.

The Brandenburg Gate,
The Statue of Liberty & the Eiffel Tower, all symbols of their countries have been restored over the years, so that future generation could enjoy them. Yet some in Wicklow seem to want our monument to fall into disrepair & let the accidents around it continue.

It’s about time they got their priorities right. Shut the Warrens, restore the Halpin monument & let’s see our beautiful town strive again.

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