Warning to dog owners in north Wicklow

Wicklow lost or found animals are warning dog owners after suspicious activity in north Wicklow.

The group report on their facebook page that  a man (or men) acting suspiciously and approaching people when out with their dogs in the Kilcoole area. One client of the Kilcoole Animal Hospital may have had her dog let out (or taken) from the garden over the weekend.

Thankfully he is home safe. Similar reports also coming from Greystones residents. These reports are almost identical to ones last year. Watch out for a white van thought to be a Toyota Hiace and report any suspicious activity to the Gardaí in Greystones by calling 01 666580.


The Yorkshire terrier pictured below, has been missing from Knockmore in Arklow since last Tuesday if you have seen her contact 087-1360208


Tips to keep your dog safe:
– ensure your pet is Microchipped and that details are correctly registered (AHK can check this for you free of charge). This is the surest method of being reunited with your pet should they stray or be stolen. It also is solid proof of ownership. Microchipping is inexpensive and little inconvenience for dog and owner. If your pet is not chipped book an appointment ASAP.
*Animal Hospital Kilcoole offer free microchip database checks to ensure the chip is registered correctly.
– don’t leave them out in the garden all day when no one is home
– have a collar with a tag with your phone number(s) engraved on it
– we advise you do NOT put your dogs name on a collar or tag
– don’t let young children walk with the dog alone
– some people may feel happier walking with a partner or with other dog owners
– vary your walking route
– smaller and pedigree dogs are most often targeted but any dog maybe sought
Please try not to over worry but if we are all aware and report anything odd then they will move on.

Visit or join the facebook page of  Wicklow lost or found Animals

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