Digger crushes man in cold water challenge attempt

A 34-year-old man has been killed and five others injured after a mechanical digger toppled on to them during a Cold Water Challenge attempt.

Eleven members of a bowling club in Isselburg, Germany, filled the digger’s shovel with 2,000 litres of water, which was to be poured over them as part of the internet dare craze.

But as the shovel was lifted into the air, the weight of the water caused the digger to tip over and the shovel hit six of the men sitting on a bench.

Four of the men were seriously injured and were being treated in hospital after the accident on Tuesday.

Klaus Dieter Spaan, deputy mayor of Isselburg, told Bild: “It was harmless fun, someone would dump a bucket of water from the town hall over them.

“But now everything is different. We all regret this tragic accident.

“The danger is that the groups want to out do each other and always take greater risks.”

Last month, a 19-year-old man drowned in Beganne, France, after riding his bicycle into the Viliane River while taking part in the craze.

The bike was tied to his leg because he was concerned about losing it in the water, but the weight prevented him from swimming to the surface.

The Cold Water Challenge, which has spread on Facebook, sees people challenging friends to jump into lakes or rivers, or be soaked in icy water, while being filmed.

In the US, several people have also been injured taking part in the challenge.

It follows the global spread of the Neknomination craze, an online drinking game in which people filmed themselves downing a drink in various situations before nominating friends to do the same.

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