Upcoming events at The Bridge Tavern, Wicklow

Monday, 11th August Dave Clark 9:30 pm
Tuesday, 12th August Brendan Nelson 9:30 pm
Wednesday, 13th August Eoin Murtagh 9:30 pm
Thursday, 14th August Andy & Stan 9:30 pm
Friday, 15th August Mr Meaner 10:00 pm
Saturday, 16th August The Juice 10:30 pm
Sunday, 17th August Kris & Joe 9:00 pm
Monday, 18th August 9:30 pm
Tuesday, 19th August Beullers Day Out 9:30 pm
Wednesday, 20th August Little Apples 9:30 pm
Thursday, 21st August Nothing to loose 9:30 pm
Friday, 22nd August East Coast Radio After Work listeners Party with Wicker House 6:00 pm
Saturday, 23rd August China White 10:30 pm
Sunday, 24th August Feedback 9:00 pm
Monday, 25th August Jon Ward 9:30 pm
Tuesday, 26th August Kris Finnerty 9:30 pm
Wednesday, 27th August Elysium 9:30 pm
Thursday, 28th August Eugene 9:30 pm
Friday, 29th August The B Sharps 10:00 pm
Saturday, 30th August Black Cherry 10:30 pm
Sunday, 31st August
Monday, 1st September Dave Clark 9:30 pm
Tuesday, 2nd September Martin Lynch 9:30 pm
Wednesday, 3rd September Mark Waters 9:30 pm
Thursday, 4th September Joe O Connor 9:30 pm
Friday, 5th September The Juice 10:00 pm
Saturday, 6th September After Hours 10:30 pm

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