Fundraiser for Leo

Last Saturday Emily Phelan and her husband Leo from Glenealy were due to move into their first house in Boston, USA with their beautiful 5 year old daughter, Claire.  Leo had worked for years to purchase a home for his family.  He has spent weeks, working day in and day out to make that house a home for his little family.  His pride was palpable!

All of that changed dramatically, when Emily was woken in the early morning hours of their move-in day, by Leo.

He was clutching his head and in severe pain.  After rushing him to the hospital, they found a large brain aneurysm, that needed immediate surgery, for it had begun to bleed into his brain.  Emily, quite literally, saved his life.

After nine hours of surgery, Leo is now in ICU recovering from surgery and is expected to be there for weeks.  His recovery will be long and difficult.  The medical bills will be crippling for this family that had finally reached their American Dream.

It is our hope that through prayer, support and fundraising, we will be able to keep the family afloat and allow Leo to come home to the new house he worked tirelessly to provide for his family.

Leo has always been a great support to anyone who needs him, so it is our hope that we can return the favor.

Thank you so much and bless you all for your support. A fundraiser will be held in King’s of Glenealy this coming Saturday night

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