Horse owner left devastated after incident with fireworks

An Annamoe resident has been left devastated after an incident last Sunday night.

Kim Jackman posted the following message on social media in hope the culprits will be found.

Last Sunday night, a person or persons let off fireworks in my field by the river between Annamoe and Raheen where 3 of my horses and 2 sheep currently are.

I didn’t know it was in my field till I discovered Monday morning one of my miniature horses was missing and the others wouldn’t move from one spot all day and into Tuesday.

Finally just before Dark after searching all day, I found my precious mare (who was heavily in foal) hiding in a hard to get to place, shaking and frozen to the spot with fear and shock! took 3 of us to get her out and home to a stable where she started a stress colic and later gave birth..

The foal died just prior to or at birth.

The whole experience has been very traumatic for me and my mare who is STILL depressed and suffering from trauma and the loss of her foal.

If anyone knows who did this, please let them know what they have done and to anyone in the Roundwood/Annamoe area, including the land at Raheen by the allotments, no exceptions.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but my fields are now off limits to everyone unless they have obtain permission from me. Thank you.

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