Man in need of urgent medical help turned away from doctors

Bystanders in Wicklow town were left horrified yesterday after a man was denied medical treatment.

This is a mail which was sent to following the incident, at this time we don’t know the condition of the man in question.

The incident has been verified as true.

“In shock. Walking across the street on my Lunch break and witnessed a man exiting the Doctors at the end of the road.

He collapsed against the wall and both myself and another woman ran to his aid.

He was breathless, very very pale, and told us that he had a stroke some time ago, and had no feeling in both arms.

He also said that the doctor turned him away as the surgery was closed.

I rang the Gardai who arrived straight away and called an ambulance.

The man was in a very distressed state and both a dentist and a solicitor came to help.

At this stage I noticed the doctor exiting the surgery and getting into the car.

I approached the doctor and asked why help could not be given to this man as he was evidently ill and basically on the doorstep.

The doctors reply left the witness shocked.

“I told him that the surgery was closed, besides, he is not a patient of mine and I also run a clinic on Thursday afternoons and I am on my way to that.

I stated to the doctor that you are a disgrace to your profession and maybe your not legally obliged to help this man but morally I think you are.

The doctor drove away without even looking in the direction of the incident.

What a poor excuse of a human being, I actually feel ashamed.”

Efforts to contact the surgery in question proved unsuccessful yesterday.




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