Investment of €6,291,504 million for regional and local roads in Wicklow

Speaking on the announcement by The Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Andrew Doyle TD, has welcomed the investment of over €6 million for regional and local roads in Wicklow

Andrew Doyle TD commented that “Improvements and maintenance work on roads is vital for Wicklow, an issue that I have urged and lobbied with various agencies and Departments for the betterment of our community. Safety is the primary factor and this investment, an integral part of a national investment programme of regional and local road provides our infrastructure  to be maintained and strengthened throughout the course of the year.

“Local and regional roads in Wicklow are in need of investment following a number of severe winters and in order to bring roads in the area up to standard; €5.338,681 will go towards maintenance works and €952,823 will be allocated for improvement works across the county.

“The funding announced today is awarded in addition to local authorities’ own resources. County Councils are best placed to assess priorities within their areas and are responsible for their work programme.

“The Government is committed to spreading the economic recovery to all regions of the country. Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of our road network is essential in facilitating our future economic growth and securing job creation. I am confident that improved and well maintained roads in Wicklow can only be an advantage to locals and to businesses.”

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