Blessington Chalet must be demolished, High Court rule

A Wicklow man who built a Chalet on a site he bought between Brittas and Blessington must have it demolished by next January the High Court has ruled.

Gregory Kinsella and his sister bought the site, which is off the main N81 road in 1999. When he bought the site there was a 100-year-old cottage and the remains of a Chalet already on it.

Mr Kinsella presumed that because the previous owner had lived in a Chalet on the site for ten years that permission had been granted and he build a new own on the site where the old one had been.

However, he was wrong and since he built it in 2012, Wicklow County Council have been pursuing a case against him since then on the grounds that the ‘entrance to the chalet is a danger to oncoming traffic and will add to the volume on an already busy road’.

Retention for the Chalet was unsuccessful and last month Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns ruled that the Chalet must be demolished.


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