Iconic chimneys to remain as part of Dublin skyline

A photograph taken by Aughrim photographer Ann Egan of the Poolbeg chimneys

The ESB will this week initiate essential maintenance work to protect the Poolbeg Chimneys which are now over 40 years old. While electricity generation continues at Poolbeg, the chimneys themselves have not been in operation since 2010.

These maintenance works will protect the chimneys while more extensive works, such as painting and sealing the concrete outer shell, will be evaluated in the coming years.

A spokesperson for ESB said; “The chimneys are a well known landmark in the Dublin skyline, distinguished by their height, as Dublin does not have significant high rise development.  Poolbeg continues to be an operational power station, with a 470 Mega Watt gas turbine plant generating safe and secure electricity for over half a million homes in Dublin and beyond.”

“ESB carries out assessments on the Poolbeg Chimneys and early indicators suggest that there are no significant structural issues however remedial work must be carried out to prevent deterioration. These works will include placing a steel cap on the top of each chimney. The caps will not change their look but will prevent rainwater ingress and damage. Work will commence later this week on the wider of the two chimneys, while the 2nd chimney will be capped in the Autumn. This remedial work will have no impact on the operation of the adjacent Poolbeg 470 Mega Watt Gas Turbine Plant.”

ESB will continue to consult with Dublin City Council on these and any future maintenance works on the Poolbeg Chimneys.

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