Mrs Brown comes to the rescue of Bray backpacker

By: William O’Toole

Brendan O’Carroll came to the rescue of two Irish backers, one of whom was from Bray, after they were robbed of most of their possessions in Orlando while on a J1.

Fiona Hennessey, from Bray, phoned the liveline show today to tell listeners about her son Dylan and his friend who were left stranded because of the robbery which took place in a hotel.

A worried Fiona told listeners that “Everything is gone, their passports, their visas, bank cards, all their money. They were only booked in less than 30 minutes when it happened.”

Luckily for her and the lads, Brendan O’Carroll was listening in.

The comedian told the mum not to worry and promised to get them help within the hour.

“I’ve someone down there who can meet up with them and give ’em a few hundred dollars to get by and help them sort out whatever it is they’ll need for the Irish embassy.” he said.







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