Downton Abbey themed Christmas party for Shillelagh

Shillelagh Courthouse Group are trying to gauge interest for a great event they propose to run on Tuesday the 29th of December in Coolattin House. We plan on running a Downton Abbey themed period ball and would encourage everyone to at least don a dress/shirt or even better, period costume, (there will be a prize for best dressed)

they have chose the 29th as everyone is usually off over the Christmas period and are looking for a great night out that’s a bit different and special.

Make the 29th the new 31st, give New Years a break this year and come join them for an unforgettable night of Fine food, music and dance.

They will have a full band on the night along with a fine finger food buffet, there will also be a full bar with a period cocktail menu that would have impressed the Fitzwilliam’s in their day!

Please like, share and comment as much as possible and tell all your offline as well as online friends as without community buy in this event is not possible! So again I encourage you to spread the word that the SPPC are running the event of the year.

They are hoping the tickets will be priced at approx €40/€45. This is a fundraising event & all proceeds will go towards building a better Shillelagh so please please please give us the thumbs up.

Tickets will be limited so pre booking will be essential. You’ll be able to book these through our email [email protected] We’re sure it will be a sell out!

The the final decision will be made this coming Monday as to whether they run the event or not. The group are very aware that this event will not be possible without your support, so get liking & remember sharing is caring !

Visit the Shillelagh Courthouse facebook page here

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