RTE reporter lends helping hand to refugees

Brian and Valerie Cox at Dublin airport on Saturday

Suitcases full of sudocrem and baby clothes
Valerie Cox on her trip to the Greek Island of Kos to help people in crisis
Today RTE reporter Valerie Cox set off for Kos with her husband Brian (both from Scratnagh, Arklow) to lend a helping hand to the Syrian refugees arriving on the Greek Island.
Their trip is completely self-funded. Small donations from close friends and family will be used to buy items such as flip flops, nappies and food for the refugees they meet…
Valerie will be writing a daily update on their experiences for Wicklownews.net.
Here is the first report:

“Finally Brian and I set off for Kos today to work as volunteers with the refugees having a tough time risking their lives crossing from Turkey onto the Greek Islands.

Many thanks to all our friends in Co Wicklow who have given us baby clothes to bring out (we were re-packing from half past six this morning!) and also for the very generous donations which will go a long way towards providing basics for people arriving on Kos.  Special thanks to our friends in Avoca for organising a collection point in Kinsella’s shop.
We will be linking up with local volunteer groups working on the island. It seems the first job in the morning is to get to the beach and scan the sea for dinghies crossing under cover of darkness. Then the volunteers make sure they get ashore safely and look after their very basic needs.
They can’t carry luggage as people are just packed into these boats so they have very very little when they land.  The there’s a lot of food buying and sandwich making!  Our sandwich making for our own five kids over their schooldays should stand  us in good stead!
Through all the help we received we hope to help mothers with baby clothes, nappies, Sudocrem, toothbrushes and, of course, food and water.
More than that we don’t know  at the moment but we feel very privileged to be able to go out there and lend a hand.
We know there is a bigger debate to be had about resettlement, about sorting out the problems in the countries they come from, but, for the moment, we all need to do what we can to save lives and to ensure that we never again have to see pictures of tiny children drowned in the waves of an alien sea.
Brian and Valerie Cox

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