The Whistling Girl at the Courthouse Arts Centre

Composer Trevor Knight and singer Honor Heffernan are delighted to present “The Whistling Girl”, featuring new musical settings of the poetry of the great Dorothy Parker.
Audiences can expect a darkly sardonic evening’s entertainment in which the American wit and critic’s words are given a sonic face-lift fusing ‘dirty’-cabaret, electronic-vaudeville, rock and jazz.

The American journalist, author, poet and wit Dorothy Parker, was well know for “the smart-arse one-liner”, a witty quip that was equal parts put-down and perception. (One of the most oft-repeated droppings from her acid tongue is “You can take a whore to culture but you can’t make her think”, a play on the word ‘horticulture’.)

Such quips have tended to overshadow the rest of Parker’s writings, especially her short-stories and her lyrics. Knight cleverly makes Parker’s lyrics relevant to the modern world, blending them with musical styles that emerged later than the period of Parker’s flourishing in the 1920’s and later decades. Heffernan’s flexible and expressive vocals are the perfect carrier for the music.

The Whistling Girl, an evening of music and song composed by Trevor Knight and performed by a band of top Irish musicians including Garvan Gallagher/bass, Tom Jamieson/drums, Conor Brady/guitar and Trevor Knight/keyboards, will be fronted by internationally acclaimed vocalist and actress Honor Heffernan.

Tickets €16/€14

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