Council launch new text alert system to alert people about future adverse weather

County Chairman John Ryan and County Manager Bryan Doyle at the launch of the Wicklow text alert in Council Buildings

By: William O’Toole

Wicklow County Council has introduced a new text alert system to warn people about adverse weather in the future.

The system will also include other information such as  notices about emergency roadworks and problems with local water supplies.

The information sent out in messages will also be tailored to suit each municipal district across the county.

It is understood that the system will also include community notices, notices regarding public consultations on local area plans, local property tax deadlines and council events.

A spokesperson for the council has said that they have being planning this service for a number of months and the fact that it comes ‘so soon’ after Storm Desmond in purely coincidental.

The new text alert system will be voluntary and anyone wishing to sign up can do so by visiting the councils website,


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