Ride on lawnmower stolen in Aughrim

Gardai are investigating the theft of a ride on lawn mower in Aughrim.

The lawn mower (Pictured above) was stolen from a secure shed at a house in Kilacloran on Saturday afternoon between the hours of 3 and 5 pm.

If you noticed anything or anyone acting suspicious or any vans in the area contact the Gardai in Arklow at (0402)26320 or the owner of the lawnmower 087-9372032.

The public are being reminded that if you are going to do Christmas shopping do not leave your homes unattended, as criminals are now targeting homes at this busy period.

Tips for Christmas shopping

Before you go out shopping:

  • Switch on your light timer device (a home is less likely to be burgled if it appears someone is home);
  • Put expensive items out of view;
  • Set your burglar alarm;
  • Lock all your windows and doors;
  • Ensure tools and ladders are locked away

When out shopping:

  • Don’t post your whereabouts on social media and avoid using music players and mobile phones when walking around;
  • Always keep alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in busy shops and bars;
  • Put expensive items/shopping bags out of view. Simple things like zipping up your bag and making sure your mobile isn’t hanging out of your back pocket makes all the difference.
  • Remember thieves are opportunists, don’t give them the opportunity.
  • Don’t get loaded down with too many bags, try and keep one hand free
  • Ensure you cover your pin when making your purchase

After you have shopped:

  • Don’t leave any bags on the seat of your car, always lock them in the boot and keep them out of sight;
  • Once home, store your gifts in a sensible out of sight location e.g. not your garden shed;
  • Don’t leave your gifts on show after they have been opened;



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