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New Year Message 2017 from the Archbishop of Dublin



New Year Message 2017 from the Archbishop of Dublin

New Year Message 2017 from the Archbishop of Dublin

A New Year brings with it a combination of the exciting and the predictable. Many people try to gather with friends and family to see in The New Year. Others connect by modern media with people special to them the world over in ways we might never have considered possible even in the recent past. Others remain hopeless and homeless. Journeying from one year to another is not, nor has it ever been, all about jollification. Nor indeed should it be so. 

We all have the opportunity to make resolutions as a New Year beckons us forward. These resolutions can be big or small but they should always be generous. They can be local or global but, again, they should always be generous. Those of us who are blessed and who have blessings should count our blessings as we share them. And it is in such generous sharing that we will, in turn be blessed, by The Other, The Stranger, The Refugee, The Neighbour in our midst – whoever, wherever, whenever.

I wish all of you a very fruitful and memorable New Year.

The Most Reverend Dr Michael Jackson

Archbishop of Dublin

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