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3 top tips to make sure your Facebook is locked



3 top tips to make sure your Facebook is locked

3 top tips to make sure your Facebook is locked

By Catherine Kinsella

In light of the first successful malware attack through Facebook messages, that we posted about two weeks ago, it’s time that everyone does a digital spring clean. We want to make sure that people of Wicklow safeguard their details and their Facebook pages.

Secure your account:

We know you’ve heard it a million times to make sure that you have a strong password, but it is important, especially where it comes to emails and your social-networks because these accounts have so much of your details.

We understand that remembering all your passwords can be a task by itself, but Facebook now have what’s call ‘Login Approval’. When you turn this setting on, you will get a special number sent to your phone which will have to be entered whenever you want to log in on another device. For most people that don’t switch devices often this is a service you set up and forget about but it still means no one can log in to your account unless they have your phone and the number.

How you can set it up:

Settings > Security > Login Approvals


Which apps?:

Remember those games you played three years ago? Or that service you logged into through Facebook once and never again? Those applications can still get access to your details, so its time you signed out of them all.

You can do this on a computer by doing a Privacy Check-up and ‘x’ing all the apps you don’t want to be logged into anymore. And if you accidentally ‘x’ yourself out of a app or service you use all the time, all you have to do is resign yourself in on it and everything is fine.

Alternatively, on mobile you’ll have to go into the ‘Apps’ section of the account settings (not the on the main menu).



Go through your list of Facebook friends and simply delete all the people you wouldn’t want knowing your business in real life. But if you think that’s a bit much why not change some of them to your ‘acquaintance’. This does mean that they won’t show up in your news feed as often. And when you don’t want them to see a post your making, change the ‘who should see this?’ to ‘Friends except acquaintances’.


Now go on, make sure your Facebook is secure and help prevent any possible virus’ and other people getting your hands on your details.

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