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The Adventures of Mummy & Me

The adventures of mummy and me

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The Adventures of Mummy & Me

The Adventures of Mummy & Me

Avondale HouseHi my name is Jordi and I will be popping in every now and again to tell you about my adventures around the coolest places in Wicklow… I hope you enjoy!

First, let me introduce the most important ME! I am 7 months old. I am not sure how tall I am but when I am in my pram everyone looks really, really big! Lots of people call me a little chunk but I am not sure what that means.  I have a little bit of yellow hair and I have very blue eyes which I am told I will break hearts with – is that a good thing I wonder?

So, I have this very special lady in my life, my Mummy, and I like her very much!  I shout her every morning when I wake up and she always picks me up.  She sings songs to me, lets me play with her hair when I drink my bottle, puts toys in my bath and tells the best bedtime stories but my favourite thing about my Mummy is she brings me on very cool adventures – let me tell you about our trip to Avondale..

I was in my car seat but not for very long before we got to some really big gates with a long road up to the place where we left the car.  Mummy put me in my pram and we walked up to a very big beautiful house, Mummy said it was called Avondale House, where I got my picture taken (aren’t I very cute!).  Then we went to the place Mummy called the play ground.  I wasn’t too sure at first but when Mummy fixed me into a hanging seat and pushed me I got the funniest feeling my tummy and laughed so hard I thought I would never stop! Look here I am relaxing after my tummy settled down and I definitely had to fight falling asleep – I certainly wasn’t going to miss anything!  After, I sat on Mummy’s knee and we went really fast down the slid and so, so high on the big boy swing.

Back in my pram we went for a walk through a place with lots and lots of trees, I was watching the leaves blowing in the wind and didn’t know where to look first.  I was sure I saw that fluffy guy who brought the eggs at Easter time but I can’t be sure.  I could hear all the birds singing and even spotted a few which I shouted and pointed my finger at to get their attention but they don’t seem too interested in chatting to me.  Finally, I looked up at the clouds floating in the big blue sky but this time I lost the battle – nap time!


When I woke up Mummy was smiling at me and took me out to sit on a blanket full of my favourite yummy food and juice.  The blanket was sitting on the greenest grass which went on forever and ever and felt very soft through my fingers.  I could hear a noise far away which Mummy said was someone  cutting the grass – is that what the smell is because I love it? Mummy brought some of my toys and books so she read to me and we laughed a lot but it was soon time to go home, after all I am only little! Mummy packed up our stuff  and while we walked back to the car she said that when I am a big boy I can run all the way to the end of the grass and go on the big boy swing on my own.

On the way home in the car I looked out the window and thought about my day.  I wondered where we would go next. I can’t wait to tell you about it but for now its home for tea.

Lots of love,

Mummy & Me x

P.S. If you have been to Avondale I would love to hear your story, is there anything I missed?

Avondale House 2



Admission fee: Free

Admission fee to house: Yes

Parking fee: Free

Buggy friendly: Yes

Toilets: Yes

Shop: No


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