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Water warning as temperatures hit the high 20’s



Water warning as temperatures hit the high 20’s

Water warning as temperatures hit the high 20’s

With temperatures in the high 20’s and family’s making a trip to the beach and Wicklow’s many rivers and lakes, the RNLI has appealed to anyone planning a swim over the coming days to take the utmost caution.
Beaches in Wicklow along with Glendalough saw a spike in visitors on Saturday due to the sunshine.
Here are a list of tips should you be visiting the coastline or rivers of Wicklow over the coming days.
Swim with others, never alone.
Avoid swimming in unfamiliar places.
Don‟t swim when you‟re hot or tired.
Allow time to rest after eating or if tired.
Don‟t swim out after anything drifting.
Stay in the water for short periods.
Swim in daylight not in darkness.
Swim parallel and close to the shore.
Pay attention to signs on the beach.
Don‟t be a bully to others in water.
Learn to use equipment before trying it out.
Never use inflatable toys in open water.
Swim in view of Lifeguards and heed their advice.
Wear a Lifejacket with crotch strap when boating or fishing from shore.

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