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Horrific cruelty case in Co.Cork


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Horrific cruelty case in Co.Cork

Horrific cruelty case in Co.Cork

Another horrific cruelty case involving six week old pups that was brought to the attention of the CDWAG in Cork over the weekend.

Sometimes in rescue it becomes all too much to bear, we should be immune to it now but them something happens that changes everything.

Evil does really live among us and today proves it.

This litter of 5 pups, barely six weeks old were handed into Sunbeam Vets.

Their condition can only be described as heartbreaking. Severely malnourished, one had to have emergency surgery on his face which had a huge laceration which missed his eye by one millimeter, the other has a ruptured ulcer due to bite wound and also has a bite wound inside his mouth, he is too weak for surgery now.

He screams in pain when he is touched. The poor innocent souls are pitiful. Their frail little bodies born into this world only to know nothing but pain. We cannot comprehend such utter neglect.

For now we do not know what the long term prognosis is, what we do know is that these babies will need alot of veterinary care and we once again will need your support.

Please help us to help them by donating to their care or text CDAWG to 50300 these five babies are safe in the vets yet we will go to sleep tonight with thoughts of their mother, we can only imagine what state she must be in and it truly breaks our hearts. We will update as soon as we can.

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