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Whitestown dump will take six years to clean up



Whitestown dump will take six years to clean up

Whitestown dump will take six years to clean up

Gareth Farrell of East Coast News reports Wicklow County Council Officials told the High Court yesterday it will take over six years to clean up the State’s largest illegal dump, in West Wicklow.

Last Friday, the court ruled that the council was solely responsible for cleaning up the illegal dump at Whitestown and that the work was to be completed fully within three years.

Yesterday the Council’s Barrister outlined to Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys a schedule of measures the council would take to comply with the order, but that the work would be over a six year timescale.

According to the Irish Times the first three years would be tied up in preparing to secure a licence for the work and tendering processes while the actual clean up would take a further three years.

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