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Rathdrum Square upgrade works

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Rathdrum Square upgrade works

Rathdrum Square upgrade works

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The town of Rathdrum has received funding under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme to enhance the Main Street and Market Square.

A requirement of receiving this funding is a stipulation that part has to be spent on an artistic feature for the town.

Rathdrum historically is a market town. In order to develop a design that is faithful to this history and heritage, the children in the four schools were contacted.

The students were asked to submit drawings of ideas based on the theme ‘Rathdrum; Market Town’. Once these drawings had been submitted they were developed into a design for a artistic feature.

A model of this feature, which is of a farmer on market day with his dog at his feet, is now on display in the Post Office window for all to see along with the children’s drawings.

The public have until Tuesday the 17th of October to make submissions on the feature and all suggestions will be taken into consideration by Wicklow County Council. When completed the final feature will be placed on the lower plinth in the Market Square.

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