Councillor calls for egg throwing youths to be reported to gardai

Superintendent Paul Hogan, Cllr Mary Kavanagh, Sergeant Colm Corrigan, Treasa Earls and Chef Superintendent John Quirke at the launch of the Wicklow Town Community Text Alert in Wicklow Garda Station

Wicklow town Councillor Mary Kavanagh is calling for youths who are attacking houses with eggs in Wicklow Town to be reported to the gardai.

A number of houses were attacked last night (Saturday), Councillor Kavanagh said

“There is a gang of youths in the Wicklow Town area who are creating misery and mayhem in people’s lives. Throwing eggs at windows, smashing windows of public amenities and generally wreaking havoc about the place.

I have no idea of how many are involved but I’m sure someone knows and it should be reported to the Gardai.

CCTV footage would also be very useful. This is the kind of behaviour that leads to bigger problems down the line. It’s intimidation, bullying and shows a lack of empathy for people who might be genuinely terrified of this kind of anti-social behaviour.

If you know anything, please pass the information on to the Gardai at Wicklow. We can blame whatever we like – drink, drugs, bad parenting, “society” but at the end of the day these young people know what they’re doing is wrong. If they’re old enough to carry on like this they’re old enough to face the consequences.

It’s about time the subject of “bullying”, and its effects, was put on the curriculum of every primary and post-primary school in the country.”

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