Wicklow County Council issue High Tide warning

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Wicklow County Council urge people to avoid unnecessary journeys during the current storm conditions. As the winds are from a westerly direction they are less likely to contribute to tidal flooding than easterlies or north easterlies.

Nevertheless, we would advise that residents and businesses close to coastal areas should be aware of high tide at 11.50am in Wicklow; 12:01pm in Bray and 23:36pm in Arklow as we are currently experiencing High Astronomical Spring Tides which will add up to 0.45 of a metre to the high tide.

Thursday: Arklow High Tides 11.37am

Thursday: Bray High tides 12.33am and 12.48pm

Thursday: Wicklow High tides 12.18 am and 12.38pm

These tidal conditions will persist until Thursday 4th January.

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