Movember in Tesco Greystones

Colm Drew, Sean Ryder, Glen Ryder, Paula Sinnott, Amanda Emmet Booth, Kathleen Kenna and James Coster.

Movember continued in Tesco Greystones last Saturday with a Bag Pack organised by Tesco employees James Coster and Colm Drew in aid of Greystones Cancer Support.

Movember is the nationwide campaign by men to raise funds for awareness of men’s cancers.  The men grow moustaches and beards to highlight the fact that cancer awareness for men’s health needs attention too.

James Coster from Tesco said: “We were delighted that our store was busy on Saturday and that so many people stopped by to make a contribution.

“Tesco employees play an important role in the community.  Here at Tesco Greystones we continue to support local initiatives.

“Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. Greystones Cancer Support is an essential group in our area.”

Greystones Cancer Support had an information desk available on the day.  Volunteers were able to pass on Movember information in addition to details of the group’s list of activities.

Sonia Walsh Chairman of  Greystones Cancer Support said: “Our Members are deeply grateful to James and Colm,  other Tesco Greystones employees and the wider community for their continued help.  We need this help as we continue to face challenges ahead.”

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