Ernie’s Bar, Wicklow

Ernies Neighbourhood Bar has been nominated Christmas Party Hub 2013, and in an online survey has been officially declared the most atmospheric pub in Wicklow!

With a full party plan in place to take you through to New Year why not check out the festive neighbourhood pub for yourself, and join our happy cocktail hour every weekend with live music.

So whether you’re partying, winding down or gearing up, drop into Ernie’s Neighbourhood Bar and see what everyone is talking about — you never know who you might meet.

Glamour & glitz at Ernie’s cocktail night


Deirdre Dunne and Vicky Duffy at the Christmas Cocktail launch in Ernie’s Bar Wicklow

Christmas cocktail nights launched on Friday December 6 in Ernie’s and it was a great night of fun, merriment and serious glamour! Many of Wicklow’s finest, gorgeous people turned out to kick start Christmas with fantastic cocktails.

Snowy Colada, Ernies Elf or Jingle Belinis, or if you prefer an exotic cosmopolitan Hego can serve that up also. Now that Christmas Cocktails have been officially launched why not drop in and get into that festive spirit with one of Ernie’s finest cocktails.


Margaret Prendegast and Carmel O’Toole at the Christmas Cocktail launch in Ernie’s Bar Wicklow



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